New improvement to Performance Analyser helps you fine tune your tests

Many of our recent improvements to Performance Analyser have been about visual performance. For example, we now report on Speed Index (the rate at which a page becomes visually complete above the fold) and time to visually complete. The new Performance Heatmap is also a great way to see which parts of a web page display within given KPIs.

The problem: knowing when a page is ‘finished’

Looking at a web page in this way can really help to understand its performance from the visitor’s point of view. However, it also introduces a problem: how do you know when the page has reached its final state?
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Who’s responsible when an ecommerce site collapses under the weight of traffic?

Growth in online retail continues to soar, supported by an entire industry dedicated to delivering ecommerce websites that work. So you might expect outages for retail sites to be turning into a thing of the past. However, it seems that scarcely a week goes by without a high-profile website collapsing under the weight of too much traffic.

Why is this? Is it inevitable? Are we expecting too much? Is this just the way the Internet works or is there a simple fix that’s staring us all in the face if only we’d reach out and grab it?
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The same reliable monitoring data, but with a brand new interface

If you’re one of our monitoring customers, you’ll have noticed that our new and vastly improved reporting interface is now live.

The beta version of the interface has been available for some time, but we’ve now added the finishing touches, fixed the remaining bugs and squeezed in some final enhancements that we really wanted to get into the live version.

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