The Grand National: a chance for the UK’s betting sites to shine?


We’ve talked before about how the people running betting sites tend to be very clued up when it comes to web performance. They need their sites to be both fast and available in the run-up to key sporting events. And while web performance affects anyone who does business online, in their case the impact on revenue is immediate and obvious. So, after talking up their collective web performance proficiency, we thought we’d see how far they lived up to the reputation.
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Making the most of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day: for some of us, an opportunity to spend some time and money showing our appreciation for that special person who brought us into the world. For others, it’s a chance to earn some extra revenue, as the rest of us rush to show that appreciation in the form of cards, flowers and other gifts.

So, how were the retailers prepared? Did the websites of florists and card retailers perform well enough to capitalise on this celebration of all things maternal? Or did a failure to optimise lead to slowdowns and outages?
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