Top ten image optimisation tips no. 10: keep an eye on the future

Web pages tend to be image heavy these days, often sporting product galleries and whole-page background images. New, high-resolution displays also now support higher quality imagery than ever before.

As a result, images are increasingly the performance bottleneck. Not necessarily because their optimisation is overlooked more often than other best practices, but because failing to optimise them can have a disproportionate impact on performance.
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Father’s Day card retailer performance

You might remember that we monitored a number of retailer sites in the days leading up to Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

You might also be aware that Sunday 15th June was Father’s Day (in the UK).

Can you see where we’re going with this?

Yes, it’s time to look at a few card retailer landing pages to see how they coped during what would have been a very busy time of year, and whether they could or should have been better optimised.
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