Using real user monitoring to put a value on lost conversions

How does your website’s speed and reliability affect conversions? Our real user monitoring (RUM) service captures and analyses conversion data. And it’s already proving valuable to customers using the service.

One customer thought their website had some problems during a big promotion. It was based on anecdotal evidence, and they weren’t initially sure about either the scale or the impact of the issue.
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Why did top UK retail sites end 2016 bigger and slower than ever? And what should they do about it?

Our final performance benchmark results of 2016 for the UK’s top retail sites revealed an all too familiar picture of bigger, slower web pages.

Load times and average page sizes have been creeping inexorably up since 2013. Over that time, we’ve noticed a few trends that might be contributing to the slowdown. Designs that favour big hero images, for example. The rise of third-party content. Or the simple tendency for the volume of content to be constantly ratcheted up – new styles and/or scripts being added more often than redundant material is cleared out.
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Exciting new ideas from the web performance hackathon

What’s the best way to get your team to develop new, innovative solutions?

A few years ago, we started running regular hackathons – intensive two-day events during which developers race against the clock to build new products (or extend existing ones) to solve a given web performance problem.

Recently, we decided to do more to harness all the talent in the office, and we widened the net, inviting representatives from every department in the web performance division, from customer support to sales.

We weren’t disappointed with the result, and the hackathon we ran this January yielded some of the most original ideas we’ve seen to date.

Here’s a quick round-up of what they came up with…
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