UK retail performance benchmark – how one site made it into the top ten

Our regular retail benchmark survey tends to be a bit depressing. On the whole, it generally shows that the UK’s top retail websites are getting slower. Pages are getting bigger, with large amounts of third-party content holding some sites back.

The overall picture last quarter was no exception. Average total load time increased from 10.29 seconds to 10.76 seconds.

However, this time we thought we’d focus on the positive.
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What happens when you embed a video in a web page?

YouTube makes it incredibly easy. Just copy and paste a line of code, and you have a fully functioning video embedded in your web page.

But this simplicity hides the fact that rather a lot is going on. That line of code is busy fetching a host of other resources: CSS, JavaScript and either a Flash player or the files required for an HTML5 player, all wrapped up in an iframe.

The result is that it could take some time for your video to appear. If you have a few videos on the same page, this can really slow things down.

What do you do if you want to embed videos on a web page, but you don’t want to the negative performance impact?
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