What happens when you break one of the basic web performance rules?

If you’ve ever looked at Steve Souders’ 14 rules for faster-loading websites, you’ll no doubt have come across number five: put style sheets at the top.

The reason for the rule is that browsers generally need to load and parse the styles for a page before they can begin to display it. Delaying the CSS means delaying render start, and that’s bad for the user experience.
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How does your website perform on mobile devices?

The latest update to Performance Analyser will help you understand your site’s performance on a range of phones and tablets.

This powerful feature allows you to simulate characteristics such as user agent and viewport size. This is particularly relevant to responsive and adaptive sites that deliver pages differently, depending on the device in use. As the content (both page layout and page weight) can alter significantly, this can have a dramatic impact on how the page loads.
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