Why new image formats could make your site faster

Image files are big, typically making up the majority of page weight on a website. This is especially true for retail sites, which often rely on lots of high-quality product pictures. This, in turn, tends to make those pages slow to load.

When it comes to image formats on the web, it’s a bit of an exclusive club, with only a handful of file types represented: JPEG, PNG, GIF or (occasionally) SVG.
This is despite the fact that there are a number of newer formats that would, on the face of it, result in much smaller file sizes – and faster web pages.
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Custom network speeds in Performance Analyser

We’re pleased to announce that you can now select different network speeds in Performance Analyser, our real-browser performance testing tool. We’ve configured a convenient default of 2Mbps for download speed, but you can run tests at a range of speeds (up to 16Mbps for download), and apply a range of latency and packet loss characteristics.
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A performance check-up for your website

The web performance health check is one of our more popular services. During this five-day engagement, we take a detailed look at a website to identify performance problems and come up with a prioritised set of recommendations.

But how do we go about it? We asked Abi Pollock, one of our professional services consultants, to offer some insights into the tools and processes involved.
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