Speed Index – how it works and what it means

We recently enhanced Performance Analyser to include Speed Index, a measure of how quickly the visible parts of a web page are displayed.

This is really useful because Speed Index is an easy to consume metric that indicates how quickly a visitor would see a page’s content, in a way that other metrics just can’t.

However, it can be difficult to understand exactly what Speed Index means and how it works, so this post will go into a little more detail.
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Getting your monitoring data to work with an Arduino board

If you’re a monitoring customer, you probably know that there are a few ways to access your data, and we’ve been doing quite a lot of work on the main user interface recently.

But we also provide an API that allows you to be a bit more creative. A couple of years ago, I used it to build the Non-Interactive Dashboard, a proof-of-concept front-of-office display.
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